About Me

Jordan is an experienced freelance writer, based in Chicago, who specializes in both SEO and creative blog writing. She has a Bachelors degree in Communication from Wheaton College and a Masters degree in Creative Writing from Trinity College Dublin.

Jordan has four years of experience in SEO content writing and blogging focused on a range of topics including personal finance, loan products, wine, health, and travel. When she’s not freelancing, she invests her time in America’s Sweethearts(?), a blog she co-created and built from the ground up. It is now a multimedia project which boasts a 2.7k social media following, a Patron-powered podcast, and the regular publication of personal essays which consistently receive hundreds of reads in the first few days.

Her ultimate career goals revolve around publication of her literary work. She studied under critically acclaimed literary writers at a world class university in Dublin, Ireland and has an extensive background in literary fiction, creative nonfiction, and personal essay-writing. Her current projects include a short story and a poem that she seeks to publish this summer. She is a third of the way through the manuscript for her very first novel which she seeks to acquire an agent for in the next few years.

A few other skills she has acquired through her experience in the field of digital content creation include: Google Analytics, Google Adsense, WordPress, Bluehost, Audio Mixing, Hootsuite, Adobe Spark, and MailChimp.

She would be very interested in working with you on your next project.

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